Alarabia Ghizaa Alrooh
العربية غذاء الروح 

Online courses based on a group and individual classes 

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Academy Arabic nourishes the soul Specializes in learning Qur'an,Arabic language sciences, Islamic studies . 

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Qur'an & Tajweed

The Holy Quran and Tajweed with various levels, shown below, and there is ijâzah and a chain of narrators going all the way to Prophet Muḥammad (PBUH). There are ijâzat in Mutoon Al Tajweed (Matn Tohfat Al- Atfal – Matn Jazariyyah).

Arabic language 

Arabic language with its four levels (preliminary, beginner, intermediate, and advanced) using the best books, insha'Allah .

Islamic studies

Islamic studies (creed, Fiqh, prophet’s biography, hadith) and we provide ijâzat in some Islamic books, insha'Allah .

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Our e-book library is full of required learning materials and is always free for everyone.

We employed certified teachers to ensure you get the best .

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Abeer mohammed 

Qur'an and Arabic Teacher

"Learning language is like discovering a whole new world full of fun and adventures. I'm here to guide you!"

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There are discounts for brothers and relatives and for the student who bring others students to the Academy. There are various systems of study:

The intensive schedule, with 10% discount on the total classes.

The moderate schedule, with 5% discount on the total classes.

The light schedule with the price of the regular class.

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We use Zoom to hold our live classes 

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